Sunday, 20 February 2011

Stylo Photography Groups Lepaking n Outing

After The jobs that Im Taking With Kat yesteday..on the night...
there were an outing from Stylo Photography Groups..
so i thaught i can take a rest..

suddenly in the evening Khairul asking Me  for joining the outing..

so first im really tired coz of the job..
so..i joined..hehehehe3...

the result is.. i met all my friend photographer from penang n Kedah..i thought a small outing
but at last...there were 40 members...
so im verry shockesd for outing..
coz met with emkays n adam..eheheh having some fun with photos..hehehe

thanx to abg Zam Stylo..hehehehe..

Engagements JOb N photo..

Yesterday..Me N Kat were doing some jobs for taking some engagement ceremony..
we taking some photos in sg layar situated in Sg Petani city..

at first we thaought it is too late but actually the groom side was late...
so our job still on.....

the engagement was for Kak MId n Meor..
so we taking some Photos there n make some money

thanx to Wan n Kat for giving me some jobs to make..

Shutter Members In Jeti Semeling In Sg Petani

Last Week< Shutter Studios Had made an outing at jeti Semeling on 11 february 2011..

the theme was modelling n potrait + X-Treamz...

it was a nice Outing there because we recruit some members from our College..

so.. we made a assgment to the new members ..the result is..very nice shots they had been taken...but they need a lot of practice in editing some Photos....heheheheheheheeh..
Thanx to All members who join for the outings..
n Also Thanx to the Talents who beiand the subject matter on that day..